Yours truely has been freelancing for the past 18 of my 20 years working career. It’s been hectic, crazy, difficult, sometimes annoyingly frustrating but I have loved every minute of it!

To be a good freelancer, you must be able to have loads of steel and staying power. You will face rejection, difficulties and sometimes, checking your bank balance is the last thing you want to do because there isn’t anything inside. The next day, you get paid $2000! Thats the life of a freelancer!


The unemployment rate in some African countries is above 60 percent. Among this lot are educated, creative Africans lurking around office corridors with big empty application files. They badly need a job. Well, even in developed countries, you cannot have 100 percent employment. Everybody cannot get a job but everyone has a talent they can sell. Pick that guitar and start playing, get those boots and go out and start playing or enrol for that course you want to do but have been reluctant.  We all have some talent somewhere around the world needs. We can get paid providing that service.

That is where freelancing comes in. There are multiple freelancing sites around the globe. Most Africans never register because of tricky internet connections or simply because they don’t know. We will be taking you through the enriching, challenging and rewarding world of the freelancer

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The Iroko Team.