The difficulties of adopting from USA. A Cameroonian experience.

Cathy Ghana has been stuck in the USA for almost two years as she struggles to adopt her six year old niece. The case outlines some of the difficulties foreigners face going through the maze that is the American Legal system Culled from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette By Paula Reed Ward / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Catherine...
Posted On 17 Apr 2016
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Goretti’s Red-Carpet London Film Launch. The Big Interview.

The Odeon cinema in Greenwich, East London will on Friday March 4th 2016, host the red carpet Premiere of “Woman”, a contemporary Cameroonian film about love and relationships. The film examines the intricacies of Love and how it impacts on the daily lives of three different women. How the women manage their...
Posted On 21 Feb 2016
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Film Premiere of “Woman” in London. March 4th 2016. Buy your tickets!

  For the very first time, a Cameroonian film “Woman”, will be premiered at the Odean Cinema in London on March 4th 2016. The limited issue tickets for the blockbuster all star event will soon run out so get your ticket-some  are still available. The film director and actress, London based Goretti...
Posted On 11 Feb 2016
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Cameroon-UK. Why Cameroon exhibition at the British Science Matters

This is what HM The Queen said on the day it happened in October 2014 “…It is really Lovely’. Perhaps one day, Africa will conceive ‘The Thing’ – The Ultimate communication device!   Six Networks that changed the world Connecting Africa – an exhibit at the Science...
Posted On 13 Apr 2015
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Fashion. Maiden African Fashion Week Amsterdam this Weekend

The Netherlands’s capital Amsterdam will this weekend August 30-31 2014 host the first ever edition of the global renowned African fashion Week. Popular Nigerian actor Nouh Ramsey will present the event that has already hit other European capitals including Prague, London, Berlin and Paris as more people begin to...
Posted On 27 Aug 2014
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Ugandan Creative Workshop. Need for More African women to tell their stories

Nigerian born writer and feminist Adichie Ngozi Chimamanda has followed her 2012 Tedx Talk “We Should All Be Feminists” with the release of a short ebook with the same title. The ebook is on sale now for Just $.99. She talks about the need for equality of the sexes in the Nigerian and African context in general....
Posted On 31 Jul 2014
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Gambia. Yahya Jammeh still going strong after Coup but few Gambians are celebrating

Yahya Jammeh today July 22 2014 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the coup that toppled Dawda Jawara who was president of the West African state for 24 years but few Gambians will have anything to celebrate. The country is still poor, Jammeh has been ruling with an iron fist while his opponents are simply killed,...
Posted On 22 Jul 2014
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Lifestyle. London to Celebrate Stylish African fashion Again

Four daily catwalks, exhibitions of some of the best and up to date new and rich clothing styles and the active participation of some of the best known fashion designers and models from Africa and across the world, will feature prominently at the Olympia West hall in London very soon. The occasion will be the...
Posted On 18 Jul 2014
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Bobby East and Model girlfriend to face Porno charges.

Rap musician Robert Chungu aka Bobby East and his model girlfriend Ruth Mukanga are expected to appear in court on Monday July 14 2014 after they were arrested earlier today Saturday for producing and distributing a porn video. Both could face up to 5 years in jail according to Zambian law. Section 177 (1) of...
Posted On 12 Jul 2014
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