With a solid and physical presense in London(UK) and California, (USA) we are in a position to give practical help to new upstarts and old established African businesses, individuals and special focused groups. One of the biggest problems the continent has faced has been its inability to compete in a fast changing, dynamic world where a small business error might doom any company. With bad internet connections and unreliable power supplies, a lot of African businesses just fizzle out or end up failing to realize their full potentials. We will help them change all this. Below is a lits of some of the services we are offering to businesses for a small fee.

1 Design websites.

 A no brainer really. Without any web presense, most African businesses and individuals start off on the wrong site of globalization and expansionism. We will design any themed website to personal and business specifications.

2 Copywriting/Sales.

Businesses thrive on how they project themselves to the public. This will involve publicity campaigns, running a great user friendly website and posting the kind of copy that will draw people to your website and company but more crucially, make them buy your goods or services. With more than fifty years of solid journalism practice between them, the Iroko team can do that for you.

3 Consulting/coaching.

African Businesses that want to expand into Europe, Asia and America can count on our extensive contact lists and knowledge to do just that. We are ready at short notice to travel to their business locations to coach/consult them about good business practices and a whole lot of other things. We will talk to both business leaders and their teams wherever/whenever they want.

4 Programming/software development

There is no denying the future is software development and programming. We are in a position to do many different programming jobs for African businesses and individuals. We can develop software tailored to individual specifications. We can also develop mobile applications.

There are a whole lot of other “doable” services we have not mentioned here.

Please see our contact page on how you can get in touch and get your specific job off the drawing board