IROKO HERITAGE MAGAZINE  was created by professional journalists and a seasoned university lecturer to present authentic news, views and comments, from and about Africa and the diaspora. We were also driven by our desire to preserve the customs, traditons and folklore of Africa. We will do this by producing News/Features/documentaries in audio, video and text formats. We also accept to do commissioned reports from and about Africa. We will be buying/selling and acting as middlemen to people interested in getting African arts and craft. We will also act as tour guides and arrange safari tours to individuals and groups of people who want to visit Africa.

We are interested in telling the story of Africa as only real Africans can do. We also cover stories of Africans in the Diaspora

We will be showcasing the Music, Comedy and the hidden African stories that western media have so far ignored. We are in the business of celebrating the best of Africa, in and out of the continent.

Join us in our desire to re-shape, re-brand and tell the African story nobody else wants to.

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